Top 5 Best Golf Supplements To Gain Competitive Advantage

Nobody becomes a successful, competent, outstanding athlete overnight; it takes months, even years of untiring efforts and practice to build a reputation and excel at what they do!

In order to be at your best whilst on the course, there is no harm and seeking a little outside help. Cricketers do it; so do footballers. However, contrary to popular belief, golfers need a little something too.
This is because the game of Golf involves a significant amount of physical and mental (exertion/work etc.). For one, a golfer may have to walk a total of 10 to 20 km to complete a single round!

The game of golf has grown so much and is now seen as a sport that more and more athletes are turning to. In order to compete and play at your best every day you need to make sure you are properly fueled with a sufficient diet or specific golf supplements. These days, due to the increased awareness on the subject, Energy bars, energy drinks etc. Are a dime a dozen. Nonetheless, that does not, by any means, change the fact that not all are quite as effective as they claim to be – in fact, more often than not, many come with horrendous side effects!

However, a lot of sportsmen who are in over their heads when it comes to competition are pretty much willing to sacrifice/compromise many factors and can put a lot of things at stake. While many end up exposing their career to absolute jeopardy by falling back on illegal means, this article aims at bringing to your attention more safe, effective solutions to improve performance. Even if its just 1 shot or focusing better on each shot, over time you will see a dramatic result on golf performance.

We have put together a list of the performance enhancing supplements that exclusively help Golfers in delivering optimal performance.

1. Golf Swing Oil

This magic oil works toward keeping you flexible, focused, loose and smooth all throughout your game. This is an all-in-one drink supplement – You can drink it up before get your golfing on, to stay loose; you can drink it up during your rounds, so that you avoid playing tight when it makes all the difference; and you can also take it after the final putt, so that your body is prepped for the next day’s game! Professional golfer Jason Day is a great supporter of swingOil.

2. Pedialyte

Known for its potency for curing hangovers, Pedialyte is also effective when it comes to keeping golfers hydrated, thus guaranteeing one hundred percent results. Dehydration will instantly destroy a good round and can have negative effects on overall health. Packed with essential electrolytes, Pedialyte is what will give you an edge.

3. Colostrum

Containing the essential nutrients that originate from milk, Colostrum incorporates immunity factors, growth factors, and anti-inflammatory components. It offers protection against infection, jump-starts the biosystems, initiates and maintains homeostasis (balance), and promotes the generation of new bone, muscle, cartilage, and nerve cell; thus offering recovery from all the wear and tear that the game entails.

4. Fish oil

This is your ultimate weapon in your fight against fat and enables fat loss like no other. What’s more, Fish oil is also seen to improve your mood and motivation levels! What do you have to lose?

5. Protein Powder

You need all the energy you can get. Protein Powder is the answer. Obviously, there are other alternatives like getting your protein from meat, chicken, fish etc. But if you cannot make do with those, you must make do with Protein Powder. A good way to make sure you have lasting energy for your entire round is to get enough protein in your pre-round meal, usually 2-3 hours before you tee off.

6. Magnesium

Magnesium is the nutrient that helps keep blood pressure normal, bones strong and the heart rhythm steady. It is vital for all humans; golfers and non-golfers alike! Magnesium should keep you calm and your muscles relaxed throughout your round.

7. Nicotine Gum

When it comes to enhancing your mental performance, nicotine is perfect for increasing wakefulness, motivation, alertness, and creativity. It is also great for taking the edge off and getting you more relaxed. Nicotine acts as a neuroprotective and can improve memory, fine motor skills, and also improved overall attention. What’s better than getting your dose of nicotine minus the cancer or lung damage? You can experiment to see if nicotine helps or hurts your golfing performance.

In order to ensure maximum results, generally, aside from adding supplements to your routine, it is vital you stay well hydrated at all times, in addition to maintaining a balanced diet.


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