5 Best Junior Golf Clubs 2016

Here is the the best list of junior golf clubs. Starting kids off early in the game of golf is a really good idea that will teach them many other skills far beyond just hitting a white golf ball. As a player your probably know this and cannot wait until they are giving you a run for your money. Starting them off with a quality set of junior golf clubs will help spark the enthusiasm for the game they will need to continue on playing.  Today there are so many different sets of junior golf clubs to choose from its hard to know what the best option is for your kids. To make the game the most enjoyable for them I would recommend getting a set that will fit them for their height and possibly a little oversized. That way they can grow into the set. It is important to know you are giving your juniors nothing but the best in quality and features. Any golfer can remember the first set of golf clubs they learned on.Here is a list of the best junior golf clubs that they will go crazy for.

1. Ping Thrive


Ping thrive junior set is the best junior golf clubs you can get for any serious youngster in right or left handed. This set is made for the girls and boys of 13 and 14 years of age with the height between 60” and 64”. The golf clubs are all very high quality from the putter to the woods. The shafts are light and club heads designed for maximum forgiveness to build confidence. A complete set of ping thrive golf club has a high lofted fairway wood, easy to hit hybrid, perimeter weighted irons, 460cc high moi driver and an Answer Putter. Total all in one package with a high quality stand bag. See Everything You Get With The Ping Thrive Golf Clubs.

2. Callaway Boys XJ Hot


Callaway Boys XJ Hot is designed for smaller kids of 5-8 years old with right hand orientation. Its features include 360cc Driver, Fairway wood and hybrid which will help to get the ball in the air easily. The 9 and 7 iron have cavity back design with a very large club face for easy contact and forgiveness. The 54 -degree wedge is great for teaching juniors a well rounded short game which is great from all over the green including bunker shots. The putting is a classical mallet design odyssey that they will love. This set is a minimal set with not all 14 clubs which is perfect for any junior learning the game as 14 clubs are not necessary yet. See all specs for the Callaway XJ Junior Golf Clubs.

3. U.S Kids Ultra-Light


U.s Kids Ultra-Light golf clubs sets comes into a variety of sizes and features according to a specific age defined. They are designed for the beginners to the intermediate players. Their flexible shafts and perfect design help the junior learn to get the ball airborn.

Follow the charts on the right to fit your junior for the proper set of golf clubs. It shows the height of the kid with shoes on and matches them to a set based on height and swing speed. See All The U.S Kids Ultralight Club Options Here.


4. Wilson Junior Complete Set


Wilson Junior Complete is the best junior set of golf clubs that comes with 6 different clubs. It features a big easy to hit driver, hybrid, 5-7 iron, a heavy sole wedge, putter and light weight carry bag. Wilson makes 3 different junior sets (large – medium – small) for all ages from 4-13 years old. Check out all Wilson junior clubs.

5. Confidence Junior Golf Set


Confidence Junior Golf Set is the best golf set for the money for any serious youngster. It is available in two sizes with age group 4-7 and 8-12 where orientation is for right hand. If you kid is obsessing over golf these are the perfect clubs to get him started. The lightweight bag makes it easy for any junior to carry his own clubs. Overall great quality that will leave them excited. See All Specs Here.


It is important to the select the best junior golf clubs for your kids so that they play in the right way. All junior sets come with a easy to carry golf bag and high quality club heads and shafts. Some are built for more advanced juniors with all 14 clubs while others are just to get your kids fired up about golf. If you have any questions or need help ordering the best junior golf clubs please leave a comment below.


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