7 Best Golf Improvement Books 2016

Here I have listed the 7 best golf improvement books for 2016. This is an addition to the already popular 2015 list of top 10 instructional golf books 2015. I decided to create a second list of best golf improvement books that I have read in the past year. The original books list I made was kind of a fundamental list of books that provide the most value. Many of the golf instructional books today I believe just rehash the information of the original most powerful books I listed in my first list. So if you haven’t yet checked out my first list you can check it out here. In my view the last 10 years has brought a radical change in the way golf is taught today.  With the advent of Trackman and other technologies golf has become a lot more objective and learning the game has become significantly easier today than it once was. You just have the read the right material. Here is a list of the best improvement golf books 2016 that will give you new insight into improving your golf game.


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Top Modern Era Golf Improvement Books

1. Every Shot Counts

Every Shot Counts is the best instructional book that covers strokes gained philosophy. The title of the this books basically says it all. I don’t care what level golfer you are. At the end of each round you always are thinking about that one shot or multiple shots you could have easily saved. Every shot truly does count and this book breaks down what shots are more important than others using the new strokes gained measurement use by the PGA to determine a players strengths and weaknesses based on the field and golf course. Old school way of thinking would suggest putting is the most important part of the game. “Drive for show & putt for dough” Every shot counts goes against this methodology and suggest the exact opposite. In a nutshell, if you want to gain a competitive advantage on the field you need to understand what part of the game needs to be your strongest to shoot lower scores.

2.  The Big Miss

The Big Miss is the best golf book for 2016. It will give you a sneak peak into how the best golfer of all time Tiger Woods prepared for golf tournaments. Hank Haney introduced Tiger to hitting all 9 possible ball flights with each club that he would practice religiously. The book also talks about Tigers battles with certain injuries and the mental toughness and procedures he went through the handle these injuries. Tiger was no easy student. Very suborn and hard to communicate with which is what Butch Harmon warned Haney about.

3. Relentless

Relentless is the best book that will improve your mental golf game. From good to great to UNSTOPPABLE! For anyone to perform at a high level they must get in touch with their dark side. Tim S. Grover has taken Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and dozens more—and made them greater. This book suggests that people are BORN to win and shares the personality traits of a high performance person. To a cleaner its all about the end results.

4. Phil Mickelson Secrets to the short game

Phil Mickelson Secrets To the Short Game is the best improvement golf book for learning the fundamentals and secrets of the short game. The reason Phil Mickelson is able to contend on the PGA Tour is because he has by far the best short game. His swing and putting are good enough but what really separates him from his colleges is his skills with the wedge. Luckily for you he outlines he methodology in his secrets to the short game series. He walks you through different lies and what is required with each lie. He calls his method a hinge and hold method that Phil says is the ONLY effective way someone can use a wedge.

5. The Match

The Match is the best golf book read for 2016. It was 1956, a match that would go down on cypress point between two of the best living professionals with a combines 14 major championships and two amateurs at the time. Ben Hogan and Bryron Nelson representing the pros and Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward as amatuersLegendarily known in golf circles as the greatest private match ever played. A must read for any serious golfer.

6. Golf In The Kingdom

Golf in the kingdom is the best golf story book about the mysterious relationship between golf and life, or, as Shivas put it, “”the hidden meanin’s o’ gouf.”” Whereupon our author learned such tommyrot as a hole-in-one is “”the flight of the alone to the lone,”” the swing reflects the soul, and that “”Enough golf springs you free”” (Michael asks, “”Free from what?”” — the reply: “”From yer attachment to any point.

7. Bobby Jones On Golf

Bobby Jones on golf best golf book was one of the best amateurs to ever play the game. The technology on clubs has certainly improved since the times Bobby Jones took to the links. The modern golf swing has a completely different look than the smooth rhythmic motion of Bobby Jones. Its hard to debate which swing would be better today but for someone to play golf as good as Mr. Jones with the equipment speak volumes to his technique which influenced the way we teach the swing today. I am always a fan of going back to the basics and the root of all information.


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