How To Grip A Golf Club Correctly

There is one best way to hold a golf club, how to grip a golf club is entirely up to you. New players all have the same problem gripping a golf club. Let’s face it the proper golf grip is an unpleasant feeling if you’re just starting to learn it. You didn’t even know you could move your hands that way, let alone hit something with it. It turns out there are a lot of different types of grip options; no one best golf grip. It should be understood the beginning to a sound golf swing starts with a correct golf grip.

Do not fail to overlook the importance of the golf grip. Far too often golfers seem to ignore the grip is the backbone of the swing once they become comfortable with something. As a result, they stop looking to improve upon their grip and focus on less important areas. Again, you need to find the perfect golf grip that works for you.

People claim there is a sure way, the only way, to grip a golf club. My advice would be not to listen. Some of the best ball strikers such as Tiger Woods, Moe Norman, and Ben Hogan all used remarkably different golf grips. A proper golf grip will give you control of the club face, strength at the top of swing and impact, and allow for your wrists to hinge. There are some definite fundamentals that must be met but there is no single correct golf grip for everyone.

So what’s the number one problem with gripping a golf club?

It seems when people are learning how to grip a golf club correctly, they forget about the club in their hands. This means once they take their grip the club face is either pointing at the ground or towards the sky. Since the rules of golf say you cannot build up anything within your grips, it makes it difficult for new players to learn how to hold the golf club. This explains why you see golf training aids such as the Momentus with built-up grips.

This is mainly because you can turn the club in your hands. Before learning how your hands play a role on the golf club, you need to perfect the skill of gripping the golf  club, so the club face points at your target. (gripping the club square) The excitement of learning the grip causes golfers to jump into gripping the club without properly soiling the club on the ground.

The first step is placing your club flat on the ground while putting your awareness on where the club face is pointing. Then you are ready to take your grip. As soon as you get better you can start gripping the club while in the air. Over time, you will develop a skill or feeling of were the face is pointing. Remember, your club face doesn’t always have to be square when hitting a golf shot. You can use this technique to shape shots.

Do you ever struggle getting out of a bunker?

Again, chances are you haven’t learned how to properly grip the golf club as it relates to the face. It’s true in order to pronounce the bounce of your wedge you open the face on the golf club. This is a excellent technique to use in bunkers. Once a player has learned how to grip the club square, they suffer in bunkers. They are reluctant to change what they have learned, so they try to hit bunker shots with a square face.

Next time you are practicing your bunker shots make sure the face is pointed towards the sky, (open position) and your grip feels the same on the golf club as it would when it was square.


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