5 Best Men’s Golf Rain Pants With GORE-TEX Fabric

As you already well know, golf is a game that tests you not only on your technique but also your ability to cope with the elements. Just imagine what its like playing golf in Scotland 365 days. Its your attention to detail and preparation during these tough conditions that can have a major impact on your performance. Neglect this process and you will quickly find yourself miserably uncomfortable on the golf course. The good news is that with the right rain gear you can find comfort in those sideways rain storms that would have sent you to the clubhouse before.

GORE-TEX rain pants are designed specifically to withstand extreme wet weather conditions. A round of golf will take 4 hours if you are lucky so your 100% polyester rain suit just isn’t going to keep you and your equipment dry. You need something high quality that you can rely on. Remember its your preparation that gets you through these tough conditions. GORE-TEX technology is an extremely versatile fabric that offers durability design, lightweight construction for freedom of movement, and high-performance waterproof protection. You will have to pay a little more for this quality but it will last and do the job. I have listed below the best men’s golf rain pants with GORE-TEX fabric to help you make the right decision for your rain gear.

1. Sunice Edisson Gore-Tex Paclite Pants


Sunice Edisson GORE-TEX Paclite pants are the best golfing rain pants constructed with the guaranteed to Keep You Dry promise from GORE-TEX. They feature 2 back and 1 front waterproof pockets for keeping your scorecard and glove dry. Sometimes its hard to find rain pants that are the perfect fit but not with Sunice Edisson. They are the ideal lightweight fit all while offering extreme breathability, durability, and GORE-TEX waterproof fabric. Order Now On Amazon.

2. Adidas Climaproof GORE-TEX 2-Layer Mens Rain Pants


The Adidas Climaproof rain pants will keep you perfectly dry for 18 holes. They feature a simple yet stylish design that is lightweight and delivers the 100% waterproof capabilities of GORETEX materials. Similar to the Sunice it features a 2-layer pant design with articulated knees for maximum flexibility. The legs can open with a zipper and adjusted at the cuff for maximum fit. Buy On Amazon.

3. Zero Restriction Men’s Tour Lite II Pant Rain Pant


Zero Restriction Men’s Tour Lite II are the best golf rain pants that will stay dry and are easy to slip on and off. Sometimes rain pants can be difficult to maneuver around your golf shoes. This can get annoying, especially if its not constant rain. The leg zippers with rain gutters are designed for ideal fit and comfort for easy on off. They also feature a snap-to-ankle feature. Comes in Navy and black with GORE-TEX protection. Buy On Amazon.

4. Sunice Golf Narooma Gore-Tex Pants


Sunice Narooma rain pants are constructed with the best GORE-TEX fabric for complete waterproof protection. These pants feature ProTrim waist adjustments snaps and lower leg Velcro closure for the most flexible fit. It comes with 2 back welted scorecard pockets. Lifetime waterproof guarantee. Order On Amazon.

5. Zero Restriction Men’s Featherweight Pant Rain Pant


Zero Restriction men’s featherweight rain pants are a very popular rain pant. They are a cheaper alternative to the others due to their polyester construction only with GORE-TEX membrane. They will keep you dry but not your absolute best option if you are looking for the best. The pants have ankle Hugger snap system which is a major plus for comfort and to keep water out of your shoes. Order On Amazon.


This list of the 5 best men’s golf rain pants made with GORE-TEX will help you stay dry on the course and hopefully complete you rain gear. The most important thing is that you are as comfortable as possible and you keep everything as dry as possible. As soon as your equipment gets wet your performance will drop. These rain pants will have you begging for the next rain storm. Stay Dry.


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