Pulling The Trigger On Single Length Irons?

We are all for making the game as simple as possible. If you could carry just one club in your bag that would get the job done this would seem to be the best strategy. However on the golf course you will have a lot of different varying shots thus the need for several different clubs and shots. The problem? Golf becomes complicated when you need to learn a different ball position, stance width, and distance from the ball. Its all to confusing!

Truth be told; Single length is the closest you can get to the best! The reason? Only because of its unmatched, impeccable simplicity which allows the player to maintain the same posture and, as a consequence, the exact same swing; thus ensuring consistent contact and overall consistency in your game. However, this shift from standard set can be a tad arduous to wrap one’s head around and so, allow us to tell you exactly what you are missing out on without the Single Length Golf Iron – there are a lot of potential benefits.

It only makes sense that using clubs that all have the same length, the same total weight, the same headweight, and the same balance point should enable you to bring your a game every time because you will certainly use the same stance, posture, spine angle, and swing plane! That being said, the single length golf irons, when compared to its counterparts, has a higher probability of swing recurrence and at the same time, terrific shot consistency, for all distances and each of the clubs in the set.

Technically speaking, in a single length set of golf irons, each club is constructed such that everything that has anything to do with swing feel is the exact same in each of the clubs – strictly speaking, this means that the length, shaft weight, aggregate weight, head weight, swingweight, balance point, MOI, should all remain the SAME; additionally, the shaft firmness/torque profile plan is also similar.

The main component that is diverse with single length clubs are variations of loft, to allow the golfer to hit the ball distinctive distances. What makes PXG clubs so popular is the unmatched ability to fit any golf club to the individual golfers swing. Single Length irons can match this fitting by providing the same feel swing for all different clubs. On the other hand, ordinary incremental length sets of irons can’t copy that wide, extensive range of fitting components. While it is conceivable to fabricate incremental length sets of irons to all be coordinated to the same MOI, each club will be distinctive in all out weight, head weight, swingweight, and balance point.

All things considered, the particular purpose that is served by a set of single length golf irons is that they offer the golfer a possibility for developing a high level of swing recurrence, swing consistency and shot consistency in light of the fact that each club is as superbly coordinated for each conceivable aspect that relates with swing feel.
When looking to buy one, there are plenty of options to choose from and each is great in its own way. Here are just some examples of great single length golf irons.

2017 Cobra King F7 Single Length Iron Set

The Cobra F7 irons feature consistent 7-iron length and each head has been constructed to deliver optimized trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges. What makes this the right fit for you? The simplicity it injects into this not-so-simple game!

Wishon Sterling Single Length Golf Irons

The Wishon Sterling Golf Irons are a unique set of single length golf irons designed particularly for you if you are a beginner, or a mid-handicapper, or anything in between!

Interested in giving single length Irons a shot? Get one for yourself now – it is one decision you won’t regret. Results guaranteed – one hundred percent.


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